Deeply passionate about inspiring others to realize their heartfelt dreams and goals, Paula Ziker skillfully employs hypnosis with clients, successfully creating the foundation for excellence and mastery in their lives. Currently practicing on the East Coast she weaves her training and experience into a unique style of hypnotherapy, energy balancing and NLP. Compassionate, heart-centered and committed, Paula works with her clients in ways that speak to their inner wisdom and life choices.

“It is my joy and purpose to support my clients in realizing their full, authentic potential.”

Learn more about Paula:

A native of Long Island, New York, Paula relocated to California in 1976. Migrating from San Diego to Los Angeles, she spent many years in TV and Film administration and production. Following her heart, Paula pursued and experienced various aspects of alternative healing arts, and spiritual teachings, eventually leading to the practice of hypnotherapy. Golf and skiing are her joys, as are animals, reading, traveling and of course, ongoing education.  Choosing to return to her roots on the East Coast in 2007, she is now sharing her time between Maryland and Long Island, NY.